California Escapes with Mary

Escape your reality with an all inclusive day or weekend in gorgeous Ventura County. All-inclusive overnight Escapes include beachfront lodging, savory meals, professional surf instruction & daily yoga.
Just coming for a day or two: Experience Ventura Counties gorgeous coastline, shop downtown in eclectic boutiques and quench your taste buds with flavorful restaurants.
Email Mary for a special created weekend. She will assist in the planning for your getaway.

Mother’s Day Surf, Sip and Stretch

May 13-14, 2017

Yoga, Surf, Wine Tasting

Mother’s, Daughters, Children, Grandparents, Aunties, and Teens all welcome

Overnight accommodations coming soon…

Please email Mary if interested

What People Are Saying…

Really has outdone our expectations - Warm embraces, kindred spirits, really there to help. It all felt familiar pretty quickly, although we only had 1 group lesson and 1 private one (with an associate of Mary's that is). We put in faith that everything would work out with our minimum budget and little time (we live an ocean away and came on a hunch) and got so much in return. Seemingly effortlessly Mary made sure things were right for us. Thank you and your team for inspiring us so much!

Lo BRotterdam, The Netherlands

Don’t let them tell you, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Mary Osborne’s Surf & Yoga retreat in Ventura is the perfect fun, nurturing and safe environment to learn how to surf! You too can get up on that surfboard!! Thanks to Mary and her wonderful staff.

Kate, an unapologetic 54-year-old NEW surfer

Mary Osborne’s yoga and surf camp was life changing! Living in Ventura watching all the guys in my life surf I always felt like the watcher. I was so nervous to get out there, and her class gave me the confidence to conquer my fear! She and her crew were knowledgeable and always right there when just when you needed them. I caught waves and stood up right away- Best Day Ever!! This is priceless in my book.

Happy Surf Diva