Go Macro

Who We Are

We are a family-owned company that puts our heart and soul into a natural, whole-food based lifestyle. Our story starts with a sprinkle of hope that bakes into a bigger picture for all of us.
At GoMacro our mission is to manufacture wholesome, healthy snacks, because we believe that food and food quality impact health, happiness and well being for all.
We want people to stop thinking of food as a shortterm fix and start thinking about the bigger picture: long term health and lifestyle of eating pleasure with products that have positive effects on the world and people around us.
For us, environmental concerns are paramount. We believe our forests and oceans are our most important resources and we choose our ingredients accordingly. We source ingredients from growers that abide by fair and safe standards for both workers and the environment. We also encourage and support lcoal production and distribution infrastructures, sourcing U.S. made ingredients as much as possible.