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Mary Osborne is an icon in the international surf industry. At her young age, she can already look back on a 10-year career as a competitive surfer, fashion model, writer, and environmental advocate. Traveling to remote places many of us only dream of, she has become an ambassador for environmental causes as well as female empowerment.

Mary Osborne: The Most Common Mistakes Beginner Surfers Make

Expert instructors on what to expect when you’re learning to surf

By: Dashel Pierson

Alexander Fleming was eager to go on vacation. So antsy, in fact, that he didn’t clean his workspace – a pile of dirty petri dishes, festering. And when he returned, he found a curious mold, which staved off the growing bacteria. Thus, penicillin was discovered in 1928.

While Fleming’s blunder of not cleaning up before leaving town resulted in one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine, the lesson rings true for us common folk: mistakes aren’t always a bad thing. Actually, without mistakes we’d never really progress, never learn what to do right from what we’ve done wrong. Enter the plight of the beginner surfer.

If you never nosedived on takeoff, then you’d never know to lean back and account for the slope of the wave; if you never got pitched by a sneaker set while waving to your friends on the beach, then you’d never know to always keep your eyes on the horizon; etcetera, etcetera.

Mary Osborne
(Mary Osborne Surf)

“I think the number one thing is picking a credible instructor. I see a lot of inexperienced instructors teaching people that probably shouldn’t be teaching. I get so frustrated when I see people learning on the wrong size equipment or at the most challenging surf break. I feel it stems from the instructor and they should be the most knowledgeable person guiding the surfer to ensure they have the best time ever. Not take their money and not care.”

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Mary Osborne Surf: 10 Best Surf Camps in the West

Rated one of the top 10 surf camps in the west….professional surfer Mary Osborne combines her love of the sea with her adventurous spirit through a year-round series of surf camps, both in her home base of Ventura, CA, and far beyond.

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Mary Osborne Teen Surfari

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