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Mary Osborne Surf has made a point to travel, understand different cultures and surf waves familiar and new. Through these adventures Mary has connected with incredible people where the exchange is positive and there’s something to learn. Each experience is documented here to be shared and built upon.

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Learning to Surf With Pro-Longboarder Mary Osborne

Conde Nast Traveler
By Edmund Vallance

In the 1991 surf-heist movie Point Break, Keanu Reeves learns how to ride waves in a day. My own experience is a little different. On my first attempt, I banana-skid backwards off my board, catapult into the foam, and swallow about a pint of brine. Next, I dive face-first into the waves; a process known as “pearling.” The phrase sounds almost glamorous when my teacher, Mary Osborne, says it. But I can assure you it is not.

A professional long-boarder for over twenty years, Osborne lives for adventure. She’s surfed the Silver Dragon tidal bore in China; led humanitarian missions to El Salvador; and joined environmental scientists on a 15,000-mile research cruise from Brazil to South Africa. She also happens to be married to Mel Gibson’s stunt double, Lance Gilbert. (“He proposed to me in a helicopter. He was down on one knee, suspended on a rope, hanging a hundred meters above the ocean.”)

Best Destinations for Travel with Professional Surfer Mary Osborne


Adventure IO guide Mary Osborne has traveled the world as a surfing competitor and ambassador for more than 20 years. She’s also a dedicated environmentalist, philanthropist and entrepreneur that has started multiple businesses and a non-profit organization, and volunteered her time around the globe for causes she is passionate about. But if you wanna’ talk surf travel, Mary has logged some miles. In fact, she was the first woman in history to be invited to surf the “Silver Dragon” tidal bore in Hangzhou, China. Motherhood has her staying a little closer to her California home these days, but she’s still no stranger to following the swells online, packing a quick bag and hopping on a plane at the last minute to catch a couple days surfing in an exotic destination. Check out some of her favorites below.

El Salvador

MO: I’d say one of my all time favorite places is El Salvador. It’s all right hand point breaks … the land of right hand point breaks everywhere. I like to stay in the Sunzal area, in that zone where Punta Roca is, which is kind of a world-class wave. That’s on the Pacific side, and really likes the southern swells. There’s swell all year round so there’s always something to ride, but when it’s south it picks up and gets really big. The wave I like to ride is called Las Flores, which is about a three-hour drive from the airport (in San Salvador) that’s a super killer right hand point break, too. I end up longboarding a lot down there because the currents can get a little challenging, but even like a fun shape board for me tends to be really good. But the other side of it is that some of the points are super fast, so if you bring a short board or a fish you can get pretty much get away with surfing anything down there. Also, the cool thing about that area is there’s a beach town called Playa El Tunco, which is a little hot spot now. There’s a ton of little wine bars and boutique hotels and it’s really become a surf destination. And if you’re on the West Coast, you can do a quick trip down there, take a red eye and be surfing by the early morning. It’s a good “strike mission”, but you can also spend a week down there and it’s great.

Insider’s Guide: Ventura, CA with Professional Surfer Mary Osborne


Surfer, writer, fashion model, environmental advocate – AIO guide Mary Osborne has had many titles. But perhaps none define her more than “Ventura, California native”. Mary grew up playing in the waters off nearby Solimar Beach, and after a long career traveling the globe as a competitive longboarder, she returned home to raise her family and start a business. There are few that know the area better, so we asked Mary for her insider’s view of the famous California beach town.

Time of Year

MO: I love Ventura in the fall, especially for surfing. The kids go back to school, we get the northwest swells that come down and that’s when the points really start to turn on: Rincon, C Street, everything gets really good. In the fall we get like “late Indian Summers” up here. We get a ton of fog in the summer and I hated the fog growing up on the beach, it was foggy constantly. So I feel like the minute the kids go back to school, it turns to like 100 degrees on the beach and the waves are always good. So I think fall and winters are our time around here. Whereas if you come to, say, Malibu, it’s definitely summer with the south swells, we get more of the northwest swells.

Hang Ten: Learn to Surf (at Last) at 5 California Surfing Schools

By: Clara Hogan

Surfing is about as Californian as you can get. For most beachgoers, watching the pros catch waves is a favorite pastime—they make it look so effortlessly fun, who could resist wanting to join in? But when it comes to actually getting on a board yourself, it can be intimidating.

But really all a barney (that’s lingo for new surfer) needs to get up and running is a lesson or two to understand the basics—how to paddle, how to pop up on the board, and how to lean into the ride.

Luckily, there are plenty of surf schools to help. This summer, if you want to finally check surfing off your bucket list, sign up for a class at one of these five spots down the coast. You’ll be hanging ten in no time.

Mary Osborne Surf, Ventura

For a chance to learn from a famous pro, head to Ventura—located on the coast just northwest of Los Angeles—to take a lesson with Mary Osborne, an icon in the surf industry who spent 10 years in competition. In addition to the sport, she’s become an ambassador for both environmental causes and female empowerment, traveling to remote places around the world. You can choose to take a 90-minute one-on-one lesson, a 90-minute group class (resuming in April 2022 on Saturday mornings) or an overnight surf getaway at the beachfront Crowne Plaza, inland at Ojai Valley Inn, or at a rented beautiful private home.

Professional Surfer Wastes No Time Teaching Surf Lessons

By Cindy Rodriguez

VENTURA, CA – This summer former professional surfer turned instructor, Mary Osborne, got right back to teaching the sport she loves after beaches re-opened following the latest COVID-19 closings.

Osborne was born and raised on the 805’s coastline with the blue pacific as her backyard. Growing up with three older brothers, she found herself emulating their surfing habits. It was just a matter of time before a 12-year-old Osborne would learn to catch her first wave.

More than 23 years later with a lengthy list of accomplishments, the champion longboarder returned to her hometown of Ventura and started the Mary Osborne Surf Academy. She began the academy while on tour by dedicating a week of her summer to anyone who wanted to join. Osborne found herself booking two weeks to teach. That later lead to three, then four, and before she knew it, she was running a 15-week program.

“I really love sharing this with young kids, with anyone,” said Osborne. “It’s such a healthy sport to be out there.”
The sport also allowed her to be present in the lives of young surfers who wanted to make the sport their livelihoods. Osborne mentors her 18-year-old head instructor Alana Klassen, who is also driven to turn the sport into her profession. She, too, grew up in the beachside community.
“I’ve known Mary forever. I’ve always wanted to travel, and do what she does, so I just have to get out there and figure it out,” said Klassen. “Ever since I get in the water, I fell in love with it.”
California beaches have yet to fully shut down again amid the latest COVID-19 restrictions due to a fall spike in new daily cases. Governor Newsom and Ventura County officials have continued to remind those visiting beaches to maintain social distancing from others.

March Betty of the Month: Mary Osborne

Betty Belts
Ventura, California

Celebrating Mermaid March means our Betty of the Month had to be a total merboss. Our very first OG Surf Team Rider, Mary Osborne is exactly that. A leader in Women’s pro surf with a career spanning over two decades, passionate ocean steward, and local role model teaching and inspiring girls and women to feel their power and stoke through surfing– we absolutely LOVE this Betty!

We we’re so pumped to catch up and see where Betty life is taking her, this is what she shared…

“My surf camps and surfari escapes have been a big success over the last five years. This year [in 2020], I’m changing my Summer surf programs to the Mary Osborne Surf Academy” and [am] ready to make my camps more intimate and truly successful for each surfer. My goal is … to ensure each surfer falls in love with the sport and will truly succeed. This means a much more hands on personal experience for each student, smaller groups, safer surfing conditions and truly passionate instructors.”

“I’ve been on the road non stop from last August 2019 to Feb 2020… I was able to go work on a Melissa McCarthy film in Atlanta doing stunt work for three months. It was incredible to be a part of a movie production and learn how stunt work operates. Following the film, I hosted a retreat in El Salvador, one in Costa Rica and Mexico. As of March I will be home in Ventura hosting groups visiting Ventura County, and most likely staying home till after my summer camps this Fall.”

Here’s How Women In Sports Feel About The State Of Their Industry

March 2020

We asked women from diverse areas of the sports industry and across generations for their experience and perspective.

The fight for gender equality in athletics took center stage in 2019 when the U.S. women’s soccer team filed a lawsuit for “institutionalized gender discrimination” with the league. The team received a flood of support in their dispute, most notably when World Cup sponsor Secret Deodorant publically sided with the team, donating $529,000 to the team’s players association.

Secret is once again taking a stance on today’s culture for women in sports with their “Not The First” campaign, in partnership with Serena Williams: If we want to achieve equality in sports, we need to move beyond “firsts.” In other words, stop treating women as a novelty in the sports world, recognize how far we’ve come and keep on playing.

On the heels of International Women’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Secret to explore the climate for women in the athletics industry. We spoke to a cross-section of women in the industry — from athletes and broadcasters to college students and retirees — to get their perspectives on the past, present and future of women in sports.

Across the spectrum of responses, there were several recurring themes: Women in sports need more media attention, more focus on talent and less on appearance, more women in industry executive positions and, of course, more equity in pay.

40th Annual Salute to Women in Sports Awards: A Night to Remember

Pretty Tough

Of the multiple fundraisers I attend each year, the Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Salute is among my favorite. In 2010, I attended my first WSF dinner and remember being blown away by the electricity in the air. It followed the inaugural espnW Summit, and seeing female athletes celebrated like rock stars at these back-to-back events was so empowering.

For WSF’s big night, honorees swap their kits and cleats for cocktail dresses and heels. Looking like Hollywood’s top stars, these women get to enjoy the spotlight and showcase their individuality. And since these badasses log extra hours at the gym, there’s no need for Spanx; they have bitchin bodies and naturally know how to rock a red-carpet look.

Things have shifted in the decade since my first WSF Salute, and its left coast predecessor The Billie Awards (where I sat less than ten feet from Billie’s BFF Elton John as he crooned from his piano in the intimate Beverly Hills Hotel ballroom as the event headliner). While women’s sports are still in their infancy (relatively speaking) they have been elevated significantly over the past few years via increased support across the board. At long last, there are legitimate opportunities for women to pursue professional athletic careers as evidenced by the corporate sponsorship present at the gala.

This is all due, in no small part, to Women’s Sports Foundation Founder, Billie Jean King. BJK has moved the needle for so many female athletes, and their gratitude on this night (and throughout the year) is profound. She and her team understand that the youth are our future, which is why they work so hard to make an impact on underserved girls in some of the most challenged neighborhoods around the country. People with a seat at the table – physically and metaphorically – can change the trajectory of someone’s life and King is the person who has opened that door for countless girls and women…

…Building strong, meaningful relationships starts with shared experiences and the Women’s Sports Foundation brings these to the forefront each year. The room was a virtual who’s who of women sports with over 800 guests including those who work behind-the-scenes in media, marketing, and entertainment. One of my favorite features of the WSF dinner is having a guest athlete seated at each table. Surfer Mary Osborne graced ours, and we quickly bonded over our California roots and mutual friends. Providing attendees with the unique opportunity to mingle with athletes is a nice, personal touch.

Mary Osborne: The Most Common Mistakes Beginner Surfers Make

Expert instructors on what to expect when you’re learning to surf

By: Dashel Pierson

Alexander Fleming was eager to go on vacation. So antsy, in fact, that he didn’t clean his workspace – a pile of dirty petri dishes, festering. And when he returned, he found a curious mold, which staved off the growing bacteria. Thus, penicillin was discovered in 1928.

While Fleming’s blunder of not cleaning up before leaving town resulted in one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine, the lesson rings true for us common folk: mistakes aren’t always a bad thing. Actually, without mistakes we’d never really progress, never learn what to do right from what we’ve done wrong. Enter the plight of the beginner surfer.

If you never nosedived on takeoff, then you’d never know to lean back and account for the slope of the wave; if you never got pitched by a sneaker set while waving to your friends on the beach, then you’d never know to always keep your eyes on the horizon; etcetera, etcetera.

Mary Osborne
(Mary Osborne Surf)

“I think the number one thing is picking a credible instructor. I see a lot of inexperienced instructors teaching people that probably shouldn’t be teaching. I get so frustrated when I see people learning on the wrong size equipment or at the most challenging surf break. I feel it stems from the instructor and they should be the most knowledgeable person guiding the surfer to ensure they have the best time ever. Not take their money and not care.”

Recreation: Best of Ventura County 2019

VC Reporter

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


1st Place

VENTURA MAKOS SURF CAMP, Ventura, 805-312-0713,

2nd Place

MARY OSBORNE SURF CAMPS, 1225 E. Main St., Ventura, 805-973-7263,

3rd Place


Hang Ten: Learn to Surf (at Last) at 6 California Surfing Schools

7×7 Bay Area
By: Clara Hogan

Surfing is about as Californian as you can get. For most beachgoers, watching the pros catch waves is a favorite pastime—they make it look so effortlessly fun, who could resist wanting to join in? But when it comes to actually getting on a board yourself, it can be intimidating.

But really all a barney (that’s lingo for new surfer) needs to get up and running is a lesson or two to understand the basics—how to paddle, how to pop up on the board, and how to lean into the ride.

Luckily, there are plenty of surf schools to help. This summer, if you want to finally check surfing off your bucket list, sign up for a class at one of these six spots down the coast. You’ll be hanging ten in no time.

Mary Osborne Surf, Ventura

For a chance to learn from a famous pro, head to Ventura—located on the coast just northwest of Los Angeles—to take a lesson with Mary Osborne, an icon in the surf industry who spent 10 years in competition. In addition to the sport, she’s become an ambassador for environmental causes as well as female empowerment, traveling to remote places around the world. You can choose to take a 90-minute one-on-one class or a group course. Osborne also holds overnight surf getaways at beachfront places like the Crowne Plaza, inland at Ojai Valley Inn, or often at a rented beautiful private home.

Meet Mary Osborne

Voyage LA
July 22, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mary Osborne.

Mary, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

I started surfing at the age of 15 due to my three older brothers and living on the beach in Ventura, CA. I immediately fell in love with surfing after I caught my very first wave. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a professional surfer and that it was going to be in my life forever. I practiced a lot and eventually started competing up and down the California Coast. I slowly captured great sponsors such as Patagonia and Maui Jim that supported me throughout my travels. I was winning every contest I was in and before I knew it was on the cover of various surf magazines. I started writing for various travel publications and hosting surf trips around the globe. I eventually started Mary Osborne Surf Camps and Escapes as a way to share my passion with surfing with others.

Has it been a smooth road?

It was never a smooth road. I had to try very hard to obtain sponsors, get paid and prove my worth being a female in (at the time) a male-dominated sport. One month would be a good month financially and the next your sponsor would change a person in marketing and you would have no income. It definitely wasn’t a steady road financially but I managed to put a lot of incomes together, not spend a lot and follow my dream.

You had to get used to rejection. In my 20’s I was doing a lot of modeling, writing and acting. I would get rejected for various TV shows and my articles wouldn’t run in magazines. I think it was the rejection that actually kept me motivated to succeed. If one door closed I would find another avenue to take and make work.

Sunset Magazine  |  Sunset Surf Guide

Jen Murphy
July/August 2019

The West Coast is blessed with an abundance of surf, from the warm waters of Hawaii and Baja California Sur, Mexico, to the frigid waves in the Northwest. Rent a classic VW van and road trip along the coast, or base yourself at a surfer-friendly hotel where you can roll out of bed and be steps from perfect point breaks. If you can’t get away, a pre- or post-work surf session is easier than ever thanks to a new crop of surf clubs offering conveniences and comforts like board storage, lockers, and saunas. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner with a blue crush, you’ll find all the intel you’ll need here for an epic summer of surf, from stylish yet functional swimsuits to eco-friendly boards, plus tips from the West’s best surf schools.

Surf Girl Eats | Pro Surfer Mary Osborne Dishes on Body Image, Surfing, and Her Favorite Kale Salad

Pamela Ellgen

When I first met pro surfer Mary Osborne, she rushed up, gave me a big hug, and flashed her effervescent smile. I thought she might have me confused with someone else. Nope. That’s just Mary—she effortlessly exudes optimism, kindness, and grace.

And, she lives to empower others.

The sun was barely up and she was already uncorking a bottle of champagne to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the women who had joined us on the beach that day to learn to surf. Somehow, I was part of the more experienced tribe, who came to provide an encouraging hoot and holler to the first timers as they caught waves at the gentle reef break in Ventura, California.

Recently she and I sat down to chat about everything from her guilty pleasures (hint, it has everything to do with chocolate) to her surf escapes around the world.

Voyage Houston | Meet Mary Osborne of Mary Osborne INC in Ventura

September 5, 2018

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mary Osborne.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

I started surfing professionally when I was around 18 years old. I was fortunate enough to travel the globe in search of perfect waves and culture. When I was 25, I started my own surf camp to share the love of the sport with others. I have been running my camps & international surf escapes for about 10 years now. It has been quite the journey and all stems from my passion of surfing. My goal is to teach others about the sport, share our surf lifestyle & take people out of their comfort zone by doing something healthy and fun.”

The Inertia | Will the Rise of Surfing in China Upend Its Culture?

By Amy Waeschle

This October marked the 5th annual Silver Dragon Shootout, held in the town of Hangzhou, China. Six teams made the final cut, surfing the world’s biggest tidal bore. Former professional surfer and Patagonia ambassador Mary Osborne worked as one of the “athlete wranglers,” keeping the surfers safe while riding what’s one of the planet’s most unique waves.

“Mary simply rocks. It’s a tough job as some of the best sections of the wave are in really dangerous areas,” says Shootout sponsor Wabsono International’s managing director of business development, Glenn Brumage.

“It’s really intense,” Osborne says. “On the river, all my senses are heightened. There are bridges, boats, jetties. The guys don’t like it when I call them off the wave but I have to keep them safe.” Osborne, who has been returning to the Qiantang for the Mid-Autumn Festival since 2010, says it’s being that close to some of surfing’s best athletes that keeps her coming back. Each day, before the bore is scheduled to plow upstream, she launches her ski and shuttles her rider to the starting point, marked by a bridge. “It’s pretty scary,” Mary Osborne says. “We’re all sitting there on the throttle, waiting for this monster wave. When it comes, it looks like a tsunami.”

Fluid Dynamics | Pro Surfer Mary Osborne Goes Above and Beyond the Board

By Amelia Fleetwood

“I fell in love with surfing the second I caught my first wave,” said 35-year-old professional surfer and long board champion Mary Osborne. “I always thought that I would end up on a tropical island, but I’m still here!” she laughed. The indomitable powerhouse finds amusement in being born and bred and still living in her beloved Ventura.

Osborne literally grew up in the water, living at Solimar Beach with her parents and three older brothers, all of them phenomenal surfers. Osborne, quite naturally, followed them into the ocean. She remembered the moment her path became clear, when she saw the powerful image of a woman on a surfboard in a magazine. Osborne was so inspired by that image, she made it her goal to be just like the woman in the magazine. Osborne began winning local competitions up and down the coast of California, and by the time she was 17 she was competing internationally, making a name for herself.

Osborne credits her sponsor, Patagonia, with setting her apart from the mainstream surfers. “Patagonia was a huge influence on me. It helped shape me from my early teens,” she said. Patagonia’s environmental ethos schooled her in the importance of ecological awareness, the necessity of caring about our oceans and our food supply.

Now Osborne aligns herself only with companies that share her philosophy.

Surfing Big Boards in Ventura | Facing Waves

Ventura, California
Outside TV

Mary Osborne and Taylor Bruynzeel show Luke Hopkins of Body Glove what it’s like to do some surfing in Ventura.

Surfari 2017: A Success

Ventura, California

Mary’s 2017 Teen Surfari was incredible…see how!

An Interview with US Surfing Legend Mary Osborne

Trek Union
Aaron Smith

Mary Osborne is a champion professional longboarder from Ventura, California, that’s what she does. But that’s not who she is. Mary is a quietly fierce advocate for women’s and youth rights, as well as environmental conservation. She’s an ambassador for the UN’s Environmental Safe Campaign; a key figure in Project Save Our Surf; a successful entrepreneur, and the first woman to surf China’s 30ft Qiantang River tidal bore.

Holidays for Humanity CEO, Aaron Smith, recently had the chance to take a deep dive interview with Mary on what fuels her fire; asking her if she can remember her first wave; when she became passionate about balancing surfing with community service, and what advice she gives other female travelers.

10 Best Surf Camps in the West

Sunset Magazine
Marie Salcido

Professional surfer Mary Osborne combines her love of the sea with her adventurous spirit through a year-round series of surf camps, both in her home base of Ventura, CA, and far beyond. Sign up for a daylong surf experience in SoCal, or join her on a retreat to the likes of Nicaragua, Panama, or Fiji, complete with professional yoga instructors, cultural excursions, and plenty of waves to catch.

Project Save Our Surf and Mary Osborne

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Mary’s teen trips give back, inspire and motivate…see how!

Ventura County St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Grand Marshal – 2017
Mary Osborne, Professional Surfer

Champion longboarder and professional surfer Mary Osborne is “an undeniable force of nature who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world with her Nereid spirit whilst motivating females of all ages to be their very best…”* But she’s also much more than a renowned surfer: women-in-sports advocate, environmentalist , writer, model, TV personality, and business woman are just a few of the hats she wears, often simultaneously. She has been an ambassador to the United Nations Environmental Safe Campaign, the 5 Gyres Institute, Project Save Our Surf, a Patagonia ambassador, and in 2015 was guest of honor at the Women’s Sports Foundation annual event. In 2010, Mary became the first woman to ride China’s Qiantang River tidal bore, the world’s largest and fastest bore, a roaring river-wave with recorded heights nearing 30-feet. She followed that up by returning to ride the bore again in each of the subsequent four years.

The list of Mary’s accomplishments is long, but it’s her smile, warmth, and ability to inject a big dose of fun into everything she does that will make joining her on one of her tropical escape adventures one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Her infectious love for the ocean and surfing inevitably comes through in her approach to teaching where she focuses on confidence building and having fun to overcome her clients’ challenges and fears. Her motto of “Live, Love & Inspire,” reflects how Mary’s goal is to both inspire people to learn to surf and help them create a more confident and healthier vision for living.

She currently lives in Ventura, California where she writes for various publications, owns and operates Mary Osborne Surf Camps, Escapes & Travels, assists in custom event planning, as well as owns Solymar Salon. Since 2012 to 2016, Mary was was nominated Ventura County’s “Best Athlete,” her salon Solymar, “Best Tanning Salon,” and her camps “Best Surf Camps.”

*Demigoddess Chronicle

Give Back to El Salvador

Curl. Women’s Surf Mag

It has been portrayed over and over again in our media, the negative stigma of traveling to El Salvador due to the historical 12-year Civil War, which resulted in years of political unrest, severe poverty and heavy gang violence. This year alone, the Peace Core decided to pull out of the country due to  underlying issues and loads of civilians migrating to nearby countries. Over the years, I have traveled to El Salvador and under the this horrific stigma lies perfect waves, beautiful villages full of families and children who are kind, loving and in need.  With the help of my El Salvadorian team, I have never experienced the negativity discussed so frequently, and I have been fortunate enough to meet some key locals who have helped me carefully design my trips to not only surf perfect waves, but to carefully immerse oneself in local villages and giveback to this uniquely gorgeous country.

“My experience with the local kids is a day I will never forget. I literally was filled with so much pure happiness. The amount of joy these kids had from just simply playing in the water and learning how to surf  was overwhelming. It reminded me that life can be so simple and joyful. I fell in love instantly and wanted to stay with them for so much longer! I do not speak Spanish so the communication was difficult. However, I quickly realized  laughter and smiles are a universal language.”

Kim Murphy, 42 years old- first time to El Salvador and now donates supplies for every future trip.

Santa Barbara Airport – Easy Come. Easy Go.

Visit Ventura

Follow Mary on a typical day….morning surf then fly out of Santa Barbara’s comfortable and convenient airport. Not too bad!

The Necklace worn at Kennedy Center Honors by pro surfer Mary Osborne

By: Tracy Lehr

VENTURA, Calif. – The diamond necklace that inspired the book “The Necklace” sparkled at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night.

The necklace, originally bought by more than a dozen women from Van Gundy jewelers in Ventura, has been shared monthly for more than a decade. The owners named it Jewelia and they became the women of Jewelia. Mary Osborne, the daughter of one of the women of Jewelia, was loaned the necklace for the occasion.

Osborne is a pro-surfer and ambassador for the 5 Gyres Institute and United Nations Safe Planet Campaign. Osborne ran into former KEYT and network journalist Giselle Fernandez at the event. When the necklace isn’t worn or borrowed for special occasions it is often used for charity events.

Mary Osborne Featured in Ventura Inspiration Guide Magazine

2017 Inspiration Guide

Curl Mag: Give Back to
El Salvador with Mary Osborne

Words by Mary Osborne. Photos by Melissa Wolf, Goe Garcia and Brenden Simmons

The low-lying, uninhibited backdrop is covered in lush green vegetation surrounded by tall coconut trees rustling in the hard off-shore breeze. The smell of fresh sea salt fills the air as the bleach-coloured whitewater illuminated like fresh fallen snow off the crest of each wave freight training down the point. Every twenty minutes, the swell grew stronger and larger. From the bluff above, I could hear the ocean floor rumble beneath the surfers louder and louder as waves peeled from the top of the point to the inside of the bay. Our crew of talented surfers got extremely lucky, as this was the biggest swell to hit the entire Southern Hemisphere this year. While El Salvador is custom to large swells year round, what it wasn’t used to was a lineup full of colourful string bikinis, tone female bodies and a group of surfer girls that were visiting not only to surf, relax and to do yoga, but to get familiar with the local villages and truly giveback to the country of El Salvador.

It has been portrayed over and over again in our media, the negative stigma of traveling to El Salvador due to the historical 12-year Civil War, which resulted in years of political unrest, severe poverty and heavy gang violence. This year alone, the Peace Core decided to pull out of the country due to underlying issues and loads of civilians migrating to nearby countries. Over the years, I have traveled to El Salvador and under the this horrific stigma lies perfect waves, beautiful villages full of families and children who are kind, loving and in need. With the help of my El Salvadorian team, I have never experienced the negativity discussed so frequently, and I have been fortunate enough to meet some key locals who have helped me carefully design my trips to not only surf perfect waves, but to carefully immerse oneself in local villages and giveback to this uniquely gorgeous country.


I stand proudly by my motto, “Live, Learn, Be Inspired.” Just like the swells we chase around the world, there is not one trip designed alike. Whether it is a ladies surf and yoga escape, or a teen giveback community project, they are all filled with endless surf, unique adventure excursions and a lot of local flavors.

“Live” Just like the waves, every Surfari & Escape rotates locations. One year you might live in a gorgeous beach house overlooking one of the world’s most famous surf breaks. And the next, might be on a hidden gem of a beach surrounded by celebrities and history. I strive to secure exclusive locations where my Surfari teens and International escapes can allow surfers to blossom to their fullest.

“Learn” to dance on the wild waves • Strike a pose while breathing deeply • Protect your heart with a hint of selfdefense • Enter the soul with a meaningful meditation • Create new friendships through artwork, health and beauty. Each Surfari & Escape has something truly unique to offer. Learn to box with 2x World Champion, Maureen Shea. Hang ten with Endless Summer 2 star, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver. Educate oneself with a Project Save Our Surf art project or enjoy a guided meditation with Bent Wing Productions. I always have a set schedule planned but the joy of my programs are the adventures. You will never know which celebrity speaker will walk through the door next or what exciting excursion is

“Be Inspired,” gain new knowledge, build confidence, bond with new friends, and generate memories that will last a lifetime. Take a local company tours of California’s most successful businesses, like Patagonia or Channel Islands surfboards. Giveback by setting up water filters and donating supplies to families in a remote villages in need. My trips are set up to truly empower and to learn to let life’s beauty shine from within.

Outside Online: ‘Offshore’: The Perfect Escape with Surfer Mary Osborne

Sep 7, 2016

Offshore brings you along with Ventura, California, native, surfer, and Patagonia surf ambassador Mary Osborne as she shares her favorite place to escape. Osborne loves to explore the different areas around Ventura, but when the time comes, she heads out to the Channel Islands for her serenity. This place is close to the California coast but somehow manages to feel worlds apart, and it has been known as North America’s Galapagos with over 2,000 species calling it home.



1. Surfing one of the best waves in the continental US

It’s hard to find a Venturan who doesn’t surf at least occasionally. This may have something to do with year-round breaks suitable for all levels. Surfers’ Point is a classic spot divided into three sections: Pipe, Stables, and C-Street. Sand buildup and the Ventura River play big roles here.

Up the coast, at the Cove section of Rincon, the wave of surfer dreams forms September through January. When sand, swell, wind, and tide line up, it’s flawless. Mondos has small, mellow waves perfect for beginners and longboard cruising.

Maybe all this is why professional surfer, environmental activist, and all-around superstar Mary Osborne has her digs right here on Main Street. You can hit her and her team up for surf lessons (private or group, beginner or advanced) and for yoga camps (bonus if you do yoga on the water). She’s been surfing, teaching, and winning awards for years and is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Compass Coalition


The Story of Ventura California and The Channel Islands National Park told from the POV of pro surfer and Patagonia brand ambassador Mary Osborne.

Matador Network + Visit Ventura

Sometimes the greatest travel discoveries are hidden right in plain sight. Take Ventura, California. This seaside town on the state’s South Coast has surfing, fishing, beach combing, hiking, and the gorgeous weather Southern California is famous for, yet it remains overshadowed by nearby Los Angeles and blissfully untrammeled by the masses.

Photo: Justin Bastien

Photo: Ian Zamora

The Surfersvillage Interview explores the world of Mary Osborne

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2016 – All of us would be better off if we had a tiny, little Mary Osborne on our shoulder whispering encouraging thoughts and telling us “you can do it.” The professional longboarder-turned-TV-star-turned-entrepreneur is one of the most positive, life-affirming characters you’ll come across in or out of the water.

It was impossible to talk about the women’s longboard revolution a decade or so ago and not mention Mary Osborne. The Californian honed her classic style on the points of Ventura and Santa Barbara and brought her surfing to the world through her MTV celebrity and surf magazine covers.

Mary has travelled the globe studying plastic gyres. She co-authored a book about surfing, bliss and courage. And now Mary is asking the world to open up their minds to new experiences that are healthy choices for both mind and body.

How would you describe what you do for work to a very small, inattentive child?

I’m a Professional Surfer/Ambassador for Patagonia & Maui Jim/Owner of  Mary Osborne Surf Camp & Escapes,  Owner, Solymar Tan Salon & I do some sales for Olukai.

What is that you do professionally that you are most proud of?

I am extremely proud of being able to say that I surfed professionally for last 12 years and started two small businesses that are a slowly growing bigger every year. I am also very excited to be running businesses (my camps/escapes) that are changing people’s lives for the better.  It’s not about learning to surf or traveling to a foreign country- it’s about opening up your mind to new experiences that are healthy for the mind and body. It is really about giving back to those in need, those who may be struggling mentally, physically or economically.

What are you currently working on that you’re really excited about?

I have three really fun projects I am working on…

My business has quickly expanded from kids’ summer surf programs, to overnight teen programs, teen giveback international trips and adult yoga/surf escapes. I like to call it myself a “Lifestyle Manager,” booking everything for my clients from places to stay, transportation, dining experiences, fitness experiences, surfing destinations, etc. Basically a one-stop shop to ensure clients have the best experiences while visiting a location, whether I am with them or not.

I am also extremely proud of my teen overnight “Surfaris.” After teaching all ages of youth and adult programs, I realized we are lacking a program on our coastline specialized for females teens. I wanted to create a place where teens could not only learn about the ocean and surf, but to also feel safe, overcome fears and just “be” themselves. My teen surfaris is a summer program for girls to unleash their talents, be active, make lifelong friends and build confidence. My curriculum consists of week-long ocean-based activities while incorporating daily special guest motivational speakers, celebrity musicians and specific community programs. It is truly an amazing active week of self-discovery, growth, and health. Oh, and to top it off it’s held at a gorgeous home at Rincon Point.

This year I teamed up with Adventure Surf Tours and have expanded my adult surf yoga escapes to teen giveback trips. We have two separate trips planned to El Salvador and Nicaragua, where we bring supplies & water filters to those in need. With the help of Project Save Our Surf, each student is required to fundraise for their trip & they get hours for community service. This week long all-inclusive experience is not only about getting great surf & site seeing, but giving back & truly learning about each countries culture.

Visit Ventura Features M.O. Camps

Mary Osborne Surf Camp

by Elle Gaston

Ventura being a southern California coastal town is known for its waves and nice beaches. Most likely, if you’ve ever looked out at the ocean you’ve seen someone gliding down the face of the wave. A surfer!

Our very own local Mary Osborne has had a career of 10 years surfing competitively, writing, modeling, and doing environmental work. Not only does she do all these amazing things, but she also runs her own surf camp located at Mondos beach.

Why would you choose Mary Osborne surf camp? Surfing with Mary would be an incredible experience for anyone of any age. Mary is an environmentalist active in changing the issues we face today with ocean pollution. She has spoken on international television about her 5 Gyres experience of spending 33 days in the open ocean in the efforts to change ocean pollution. Some more career highlights of Mary’s would be appearing on the covers of several magazines such as Surfing Girl, Making Waves, and Surfer’s Path magazines. Being nominated for Action Girl of the year and a Teen Choice award. Hosting many sporting events on television. Winning the MTV Surf Girls award.

Mary Osborne Surf Camp has been a great way to get your kids up and active since 2000, starting in late June and ending in August. Mary’s camp is in sessions of five days, Monday through Friday. But you are also welcome to select a certain day to come and be a camper!

Fun fact about Mary Osborne Surf Camp, Mary’s dog Brick is her camp mascot! AND Mary’s camp is sponsored by Red Brick Pizza so at the end of each session (on Fridays) all kids at camp that day get free pizza!

Discovery Part Two

By Dennis Sorensen

This is the second installment of a Documentary series by Dennis Sorensen. This presentation chronicles the life and contributions of Pro Surfer Mary Osborne for ecological issues that concern our oceans, surf and waterways. This video document also brings to the forefront, the many causes that Mary Osborne has actively supported, as well as her extraordinary, relentless and compassionate acts that continue to be an important part of her life.

Mary Osborne of Mary Osborne Surf

At the age of twelve, she got the bug and with lots of passion and practice under her belt, Mary became a professional surfer and well-known environmental advocate beyond the borders of the Golden State. Goin on eight years now, her surf camp began after she was regularly asked to teach kids. “I started putting two-three weeks aside while I was on tour,” she says. “Then it turned into four, then five. Now, years later, we run almost eight to ten weeks of summer surf programs throughout Ventura County.” Her patrons have ranged from three and a half to 75 years and she’s expanded her services, most recently starting a teen overnight “surfari” camp, the first in Ventura and SB Counties. The all inclusive week long camp is based at a “gorgeous beach house” and is not only an opportunity for teens to surf, but to build self-confidence and new friendships as well. Celebrity guest speakers, meditations, horseback riding, and Patagonia educational visits are a few treats teens can expect at the camp. The take away? “Professionalism, fun, and memories to last a lifetime.”

Mary Osborne’s Creative Ways

As long as I’ve known Mary Osborne, she has always had a knack for people and for
business. A charismatic leader with an innate, glowing eff ervescence, this Ventura native
was literally born for entrepreneurship. She has found creative ways to merge her surfi ng prowess with her career, and has a ton of fun projects at the moment.

Sounds like you have a lot in the works. What’s 2015-16 looking like?

It has been an extremely busy and exciting new year. I can say 2014 & 2015 were not my fi nest years:
My personal life went horribly sideways, and it aff ected the majority of my everyday “being” and career. However, I have matured from these painful experiences and I am so thrilled about how 2015 has unfolded, and I’m even more excited about 2016! I have been gearing my attention and focus towards my kids camps (8 years and running), teen overnight “Surfari’s” and my “Adult Escapes”.

What are some of the stand-out experiences or stories you could share on these women’s retreats and/or camps within the last year?

I have so many stories that make me proud and teary-eyed. My teen surfari rocked! Every young
girl seemed to be really dealing with insecurity issues and family problems. I worked closely with
each parent and child individually to gain their trust. I really think this is a critical age and a tough time for girls. There are no real solid role models and social media makes them jaded. My amazing
staff and I watched each girl slowly bloom, open up about their personal insecurities, and helped
them work through it together as a group. No one wanted to leave on Friday when parents came to
pick up. I even had one young girl in tears, which made me so proud!

What do you hope to promote or instill in women throughout these retreats?

I always start my classes and lessons with a “thank you” for them coming and trusting in me.
I remind them that this is their day, their time, and whatever it is they want to get out of it I
am here to help guide them. Some clients just really want to learn to surf more, while others
want to overcome major fears. Everyone’s world is diff erent. My goal is give my best attention,
encouragement and, of course, fun!

Mary Talks About Surfing in Ventura

Mary Osborne shares her view on the Ventura, California surf and beach lifestyle…..the way life should be! Ventura is a place that embodies a casual soul and an unexpected allure. We are a vibrant town that checks stress and pretense at the door. Its artistic culture, enduring history, and privileged locale is crazy-inviting, very much alive, and refreshingly human.

Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Gala

The Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) — the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports — celebrated the biggest night in female sports at its 36th Annual Salute to Women in Sports Awards gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

Professional surfer Mary Osborne was a guest of honor for her legendary accomplishments in the women’s surfing world.

“How do you choose one picture to define an incredible evening? The night was full of our friends and family who are incredible athletes and huge supporters of this foundation. Thank you for coming tonight and to everyone afar who couldn’t make it but are here in presence.”

WSF Founder Billie Jean King and WSF President Angela Hucles were among the high-profile attendees who honored the top nominees; representing 18 sports and six different countries including Simone Biles (Gymnastics), Kelly Clark (Snowboarding), Anna Fenninger (Alpine Skiing), Maya Moore (Basketball), Inbee Park (Golf), Maggie Steffens (water polo), Lauren Chamberlain (Softball), and Talita Antunes and Larissa França (Beach Volleyball). Notable athletes in attendance included Tamika Catchings (Basketball), Meryl Davis (Ice Dancing), Michelle Kwan (Figure Skating), Angela Ruggiero (Ice Hockey), Julie Foudy (Soccer), Jessica Mendoza (Softball) and Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Track and Field).

The Women’s Sports Foundation’s coveted 2015 Sportswoman of the Year award was presented to Serena Williams (Tennis) in the individual category; Carli Lloyd (Soccer) in team category. The award is bestowed upon athletes who have distinguished themselves in their sports field through their supreme athletic performances over the past year.

Demi Goddess Chronicles

Internationally acclaimed professional surfer and environmental activist, Mary Osborne is an undeniable force of nature who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world with her Nereid spirit whilst motivating females of all ages to be their very best during her highly sought after Surf Camps and Surf & Yoga Retreats.

It all began in Ventura, California where Mary grew up. “I love the water, the exhilarating feeling of being one with the ocean”, she told DemiGoddess Chronicle. The harmony of Mary’s sea nymph spirit symbolizes everything that is beautiful. She possesses a special serenity and kindness that even Poseidon, the God of The Sea, would be impressed by.

Mary’s undeniable athletic talent and intoxicating beauty, got the attention of editors at Surfer’s Path, a renowned European surf magazine known for breaking the latest news in the surfing world and environment. She became the first woman ever to appear on its cover in 2000, which then catapulted her onto the covers of multiple magazines including FHM, Entertainment Weekly and Spin Magazine. By 2003, Osborne was cast on the highly popular MTV reality series Surf Girls and won first place in its long boarding division competition.

Osborne then rode a tidal wave of success, winning “Action Girl of the Year” in 2003 and was nominated for The Teen Choice Award for “Best Female Athlete”, garnishing her appearances on The Tom Green Show, BBQ with Bobby Flay, Shred Café, The Daily Habit, and even hosting for FOX Sports Net,, and other various travel adventure shows. Osborne then co-authored the enlightening surfer book Sister Surfer: A Woman’s Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage. The book’s publication in 2005 coincided with the onset of Osborne’s philanthropic and environmental work which then led to her founding The Mary Osborne Retreats and Surf Camps in 2006.

Not showing any signs of slowing down, Osborne won the MSA Classic in 2009 then traveled to China in the fall of 2010 to surf the tidal bore of Qiantang River, the world’s largest and fastest bore. Thousands of Chinese lined the banks of the river during the exhibition to watch Osborne become the first female to surf the natural phenomenon, a roaring river-wave with recorded heights nearing 30-feet. In the Fall of 2011, 2012, & 2013, Mary was invited back to surf the “Silver Dragon” bore and speak on China’s “Action Sports Lifestyle” panel about her career and healthy living. As an environmentalist, Osborne also took time to sail from Brazil to South Africa to study the effects of plastic pollution in the South Atlantic Gyre. With 12 crewmates aboard a 72 foot sailboat, Osborne spent 33 long days at sea gathering scientific research and was honored with the title “Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Safe Campaign”.

Mary Visits the White House Christmas 2012

Story coming soon…

China’s Tidal Bore

For five days every August, a tidal bore races up eastern China’s Qiantang River and creates a breaking wave, like this ten-foot-tall section downstream of Jiangdong Bridge. Soderlind was there last year to photograph six surfers the Chinese government had permitted to ride the bore—including 46-year-old Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, from the film Endless Summer II, and Mary Osborne from MTV’s Surf Girls. “They wanted high-profile riders,” says Soderlind, of Orlando, Florida. Ahead of the break, cameramen from the state television network filmed the surfers from speedboats. “There was a whole flotilla, even police boats,” says Soderlind.

Wet ‘n Wild

Mary does a photo shoot and ad campaign for Wet ‘n Wild products. Promoting beauty and adventure for women no matter what age.