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Surfing the Silver Dragon in China, China 2010

By September 10, 2011September 19th, 2011Travel

I am off from skydiving and shark diving in Fiji to China to surf the Silver Dragon Tidal Bore. Is this life for real? We have a great group of surfers from around the world joining us. It should be a blast! Here’s a link to a Transworld Surf article and video from when we were out there last year.

Surfing China 2010 from Glenn Brumage / Wabsono on Vimeo.

Twice every year the Qiantang Tidal bore thunders down the river from the Hangzhou Bay almost 30 miles past the city of Hangzhou. Since 2007 Surfing China and Wabsono, with the permission of the Chinese government, has invited Pro surfers to surf the bore known as the “Silver Dragon”. This year the team included Jamie Sterling, Mikala Jones, Robert Wingnut Weaver and Mary Osborne. Mary had the honor of being the first woman ever to have surfed the “Silver Dragon” and Wingnut, the honor of first “headstand”.