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El Salvador Teen Giveback

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El Salvador Teen Giveback Learn what our teens have been up to in El Salvador this summer... Day 1: LAX-Las Flores Written by Stuart Henry Our adventure started with a hectic, yet gratifying series of events.  A group of kids from all along the California coast met at a ticketing desk for an airline we’d never heard of to board a plane for El Salvador.  Though we all come from different backgrounds, we share the same passion and find the most joy and happiness through surfing.  The first reason we were drawn to this place.  El Salvador is a beautiful country blessed with world class waves, but the people do not have a high standard of living.  In order to make this country even greater, is important to give back to the communities here.  It took 13 long hours of travel to finally reach our first destination, Las Flores.  Upon...
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Come Surf El Salvador

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Come surf with me in El Salvador! Eco/Surf Tour May 20-26th, May 27-June 2 and a Combo Surf Tour in Las Flores/La Libertad from June 3-9th For more information please email [email protected].         A great article written by Jon Steele about our latest adventure together in El Salvador. Thank you Jon for the beautiful imagery and words. Thank you AST  crew for showing us an incredible adventure. I can’t wait to go back.  

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2012 Silver Dragon Tidal Bore

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  It was another amazing adventure to China this year. My trip started off in Beijing for  press conference and some sight seeing. From there I flew to Hangzhou to meet my fellow tidal bore surfers and Wabosono crew. Check out our pics from the trip, surfing the tidal bore and a brief blog I wrote while I was there.   DAY 1:Our morning starts off the day with a safety briefing meeting on a massive police yacht located on the river.   Fifteen eager pro surfers, multiple camera crews, media personnel and government officials  are packed like sardines into a room listening to Chinese men tell us what we cant and can do on the river. “No going to close to the river banks due to underwater jetties and poles that can suddenly appear. Don’t go past bridge number 9 where we enter into a new town with different regulations….

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2012 Punta Sayulita Surf/SUP event

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Check out this fun video from the annual Punta Sayulita SUP/Longboard event. If you haven’t been to this event, book your tickets no, because it’s one you don’t want to miss. Incredible surfers from all over the US and Mexico, live concert on the beach, great food, prizes and more. It is so fun every year!!! All ages are welcome.  I am always honored to announce the big band on the beach infront of thousands of people. This year’s entertainment was by Pato Banton and the Now Generation. The entire beach was dancing and singing! Special thanks: -Punta Sayulita team for another successful event -All of our sponsors for making this happen -Competitors for traveling long distances that make this event great -Pato Banton band for rocking out the beach -Jimmy Gamboa’s team for taking all the youngsters and orphans surfing. What a site to see! -Film crew for documenting…

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Surfing the Silver Dragon in China, China 2010

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I am off from skydiving and shark diving in Fiji to China to surf the Silver Dragon Tidal Bore. Is this life for real? We have a great group of surfers from around the world joining us. It should be a blast! Here’s a link to a Transworld Surf article and video from when we were out there last year. Surfing China 2010 from Glenn Brumage / Wabsono on Vimeo. Twice every year the Qiantang Tidal bore thunders down the river from the Hangzhou Bay almost 30 miles past the city of Hangzhou. Since 2007 Surfing China and Wabsono, with the permission of the Chinese government, has invited Pro surfers to surf the bore known as the “Silver Dragon”. This year the team included Jamie Sterling, Mikala Jones, Robert Wingnut Weaver and Mary Osborne. Mary had the honor of being the first woman ever to have surfed the “Silver Dragon”…

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Mary skidiving for her first time over the island of Tavarua in Fiji.

Tavarua Skydive in Fiji

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Skydiving onto Tavarua was the most beautiful thing I have ever done. I want to go again. Then our crew surfed 4-6ft Cloudbreak followed by swimming with reef sharks, bull sharks and a giant 15 foot Tiger shark. I think I might be stuck in a dream. Video & pix soon. Cross your fingers Liquid Life TV show gets picked up in OZ.

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